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Through years of experience and vast amounts of knowledge within the wheel and tyre industry The Tyre Shop offers the lowest price good quality tyres and wheels for all major brands. We also supply leading run flat tyres, van tyres, motorbike tyres and winter tyres. We list numerous special offers and will always aim to price match or better. Our shop has dedicated specialist fitting bays with specialist fitters. We offer a vast range of tyres to suit any requirement. Our tyres range from premium economy tyres, Sport to high performance tyres.


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How to save fuel


The correct tyre pressures on your vehicle are an essential and is highly recommended that you check your vehicles tyre pressures once a month. By performing these simple checks and ensuring your tyres are kept to the correct pressure this will help extend the life of your tyre, improve the safety of your vehicle and also improve on fuel consumption. This will lead to increased vehicle safety as under or over-inflated tyres can over heat, increased cost-efficiency as under-inflated tyres will need to be replaced more often and increased car performance as correct inflation of tyres will lead to improved car handling.


We also repair and replace


·       Computerised Wheel balancing                                      

·       Good Quality part worn tyres

·      Refurbish alloy wheels                                                

·       New Alloy wheels                                            

·       Mechanical work

·       Puncture repairs

·       Laser tracking

·       Services


Why buy your tyres from TheTyreShop!

All prices are fully fitted - no hidden extras! Unlike other online tyre sites you simply order your tyres, then turn up on the date you have booked yourself in for, and pay for your tyres once you've had them fitted.

As the Leicestershire’s leading Tyre specialist, we've always fitted tyres as part of our highly regarded service offering.  And now we are able to offer customers direct access to our discounted tyre prices.

Whatever car you drive, from a small city car to a high performance car, they all have one thing in common; the tyres are the only part in contact with the road. It is therefore crucial to ensure that they are in good condition as poor condition tyres can be dangerous, illegal, waste fuel and invalidate your car insurance.

More reasons to get your tyres from TheTyreShop!

The Tyre Shop is a place you can trust to assess the state of your tyres because we have:

Our aim is to make purchasing the correct tyre, at the right price, as simple as possible.

 Wheel Alignment


Wheel Alignment or tracking is important for good road holding and to maximise the life of the tyres. Hitting a kerb or driving at speed through a pot hole can result in misalignment. To have your wheels aligned by us simply book an appointment Our web wheel alignment offer is for the 2 front wheels to be aligned. This is due to the fact that although every modern car can have its front wheels adjusted, not all cars can have their rear wheels aligned so there is little our technicians can do about it.

For most cars aligning the front wheels will resolve many of the uneven tyres wear problems. However there will be some cases where all 4 wheels will need to be aligned. On checking your vehicle our The Tyre Centre can advise on requirements and if adjustments can be made will advise of the additional cost.

The direction and angle at which tyres are set are both important. Wheel alignments involves checking the direction and angle against vehicle manufacturers’ specifications and are both equally important. You may hear these described as toe in, toe out, positive camber or negative camber.

Think Safety